Getting Better Service Breaking Down the Basics: Types of Router Bits You Need to Know About

Breaking Down the Basics: Types of Router Bits You Need to Know About

Breaking Down the Basics: Types of Router Bits You Need to Know About post thumbnail image

Alright woodworking fans, gather round as we break down the bits that make the router go round! No project is complete without understanding the variety of router bits available and what they can do. From profiles to edges and everything in between, there’s a solution for any task.

Straight Cut: Perfect for precise drawer grooves, joints, and killer plunge cuts. Watch those unguided edges though.

Flush Trimming: Made specifically for making surfaces all matchy-matchy. Big bonus is that the bearing guide keeps them on the rails.

Rabbeting: Rabbeting routers take joinery up a notch. Swappable bearings let you customise depths, top shelves for furniture makers.

Edge Cutting: From rounds to beads and everything in between, these transform plain wood into eye-catching statement pieces. Guidance? Always. Craftsmanship demands precision.

Chamfer Cutting: Chamfers remove 90° sharpness for a sleeker finish. Safety first with the bearing buddies. 45° bevels also mean mitre mastery for joints.

Cove Cutting: Coves give objects dope internal contours for joints or decoration. As the name suggests, these bits do the opposite of a rounder – where rounds give a plump exterior edge, coves cut a sexy indented line.

V-Groove Cutting: Similar to core cutters but instead of rounds, V’s slice shaped valleys for a high-impact decorative effect. Perfect for tabletops, legs, cabinets – pretty much anywhere wants some flair. Just like cores, V’s come in myriad profiles. Choose your weapon – thin and dramatic trenches? Or broad shallow ravines? The choice is yours!

Rounding-Over: Like chamfer choppers, rounds smooth out 90s for a cosier vibe. Great for shelves, tables, cabinets, chair arms – anywhere could use some tender loving. And bearing buddies help keep cuts tidy and consistent depth, just like other precision poker faces.Rounds smooth sharp edges for safety and style. Bearings help keep cuts tidy.

Specialist: Specialists mainly handle unique mouldings or dual-purpose profiles, usually in table or benchtop routers for control. Think fancy crown, baseboard, chair rails – textures that take mouldings to 11. Or bits that shape multiple details in one sweep. Biscuit joinery is another specialty, perfect for aligning and strengthening furniture parts. Clean slots every time. While more common bits allow infinite creativity, specialists take projects to the next level.

With practice, you’ll soon bend these bits to your will, letting your creativity run wild. Like a sharp knife, they demand respect – but in the right hands become instruments of art. Take your time finding your style. Browse profiles galore online before buying in person. With patience and persistence, mastery is assured.


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