Getting Better General Golf & Tennis: From Swing To Serve By Dr Eugene Kramer

Golf & Tennis: From Swing To Serve By Dr Eugene Kramer

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Golf and tennis are both sports that require a great deal of skill, patience and practice, however, they have a lot more in common than meets the eye.
Golf Is All About The Swing
The golf swing is the foundation of the sport and it’s what separates a good player from an average one, and it’s something that can be improved through practice and repetition.
A single wrong move can send your ball flying off into oblivion, so it’s important to learn how to make sure that doesn’t happen.
Golf is also about strategy: if you want to win, you’ll need more than just a strong swing, you’ll also need patience. You may have heard this said before by older players who are trying to give advice: Golf isn’t about how long or hard you hit it; it’s about where.
This means that even though hitting the ball farther might seem like an advantage at first glance, sometimes being conservative with your shots will actually help improve your score more than trying too hard with every shot will hurt it.
Tennis, Especially Singles, Is All About The Serve
Tennis is a game of equalizers defined by Dr Eugene Kramer, if you have a weakness, it’s probably your serve. In tennis singles, the serve is the only shot you can hit from anywhere on court and thus it’s a great equalizer.
The serve is also the most important shot in tennis because it can be used to break serve or defend your own serve.
Both Sport, Share Many Key Skills
● Focus on the ball, keep your eye on it until you hit it, then keep your eye on it until it lands
● Hit straight shots, the best way to do this is by keeping your swing consistent and smooth so that the club face does not open or close and this will help ensure that all of your shots go straight towards their target
Both Sports Are More Mental Than Physical
Dr Eugene Kramer Both golf and tennis are more mental than physical and a lot of people think that if you’re in shape, you can play any sport. While being physically fit is important, it’s not the most crucial factor for success.
Mental strength is key to success in both golf and tennis. You need mental fitness to perform well on the court or course.

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